Starting a business is about turning ideas into reality

Many of my friends tell me how hard it is to find an internship.

They’ve looked on LinkedIn, but all they see are vacancies with +200 applicants. Or when they’re lucky enough to find a posting with less competition, the company turns out to be unprofessional.

And if they search on their university careers platform, they come across the same, big corporates– when what they really want, is to get a taste of start-up life.

But internships with startups aren’t advertised on the main job boards. And you can’t find them with a single Google search.

So, what CAN you do?

Ideally, you’d track down startup incubators, and then find the companies that you’re interested in.

That’s how I discovered my cool marketing internship at a mobility scale-up – and many other great opportunities in Amsterdam.

And as I know internship hunting time is round the corner, I’ve decided to put together a list of the start-ups and scale-ups I came across in Amsterdam.

How to Use This List

All companies on this list have either hired or are likely to hire interns in the coming weeks and months.

The majority of companies is based in Amsterdam, with fewer than 100 employees and was founded in the last 10 years. Many of these start-ups and scale-ups have received funding from venture capitalists, and angel investors, or are seeking financing going forward.

I would recommend using this list for two main purposes:

  • Career and industry research – If you want to get an idea of the different types of start-ups, simply browse through all the websites, and see which companies appeal.The list is categorised by industry, which can help, if you want to work in a specific field.
  • Finding an internship or graduate job – Whether you need an internship to finish your degree, or you’re looking for your first real job, you can use this list to find lots of interesting start-up opportunities in Amsterdam. For most companies, I’ve linked directly to their careers page, so you can see with a single click which positions are available.

Education & Training

Teaching and learning in the classroom


Codam reskills people for work in the IT industry.


FeedbackFruits is an ed-tech company that creates pedagogical software tools to drive student engagement and increase teacher productivity.


GrowthTribe helps people develop in-demand skills like Growth Marketing, Data Analytics and UX Design, in order to advance their careers and take their businesses to the next level.


HelloMentor bridges the gap between students, graduates and the job market by connecting them with experienced professionals from top technology-driven employers.


Lepaya is a soft skills training provider that aims to empower companies through career development courses for their employees.  


Nxus provides a careers platform that connects students, universities and employers to promote equal access to jobs, while reducing bias in the hiring process.


Electric car charging at charge station scale-up


Avy’s state-of-the-art drone technology saves lives, cuts costs and eliminates emissions.


CarNext is on a mission to change the way consumers buy a used car in Europe.


Dott rents out e-scooters and bikes for short-distance travel in major European cities.


EVBox is a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software.


Fastned is a mobility company that builds and manages a growing network of EV fast chargers in the Netherlands.


Felyx is a ride sharing service that rents out electric scooters through its mobile app.


Fixico wants to reinvent the automotive damage space with a digital platform that handles repairs for drivers, insurers and fleet owners and matches them to a suitable body repair shop.


GreenFlux is a B2B software company that helps businesses manage their charging networks to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.


Parkbee aims to make better use of urban spaces by guiding drivers towards under-used, off-street parking spaces.


Quicargo connects businesses in need of transportation to empty trucks in real-time.


Skytree uses carbon removal technology to increase battery efficiency and improve air quality in electric cars.


Viricity is a cloud-based monitoring tool that allows companies to optimise their electric fleet operations.  

Chemicals & Manufacturing


Avantium develops innovative chemistry technologies to produce chemicals and materials based on renewable feedstock instead of fossil fuels.


Fairphone produces sustainable and fair phones that make a positive impact across the value chain, from mining and design, to manufacturing. 


Framer is an all-in-one tool that helps teams design every part of the product experience.


Hubs empowers engineers to create revolutionary products by making custom manufacturing more accessible.

Energy & Water

Renewable energy startup specialising on windmills


Aquablu lets people outsmart contaminants with intelligent water purification.

Dexter Energy

Dexter Energy helps energy companies in Europe to make their portfolio more sustainable and increase their profitability through AI-based forecasting and optimisations. 

Nova Lumos

Nova Lumos is a distributed utility company that offer solar power to off-grid homes and small businesses.

Sports & Entertainment


CoolGames allows you to click and play hundreds of popular games including AngryBirds, Tetris, Snake and Battlefield from the cloud – no downloads required.


Medal is a platform to record and share gaming videos.


OneFit allows users to train at multiple gyms and studios via a single monthly membership.

Agriculture, Food & Land Use

Agriculture startups in Amsterdam sowing seeds


Connecterra is building artificial intelligence that will grow food sustainably to feed future generations.


Crisp is an app-only supermarket focussed on delivering ultra-fresh food.


LocalHeroes is an e-commerce platform that allows you to order from local business.


Picnicoperates an online platform created to provide grocery supermarket services at low prices. 


LandLifeCompany is a technology-driven business that plants and grows trees to support reforestation at a large scale.

You can find a list of other Dutch agri-tech start-ups here.

IT, Data security & Software

IT company laptop in Amsterdam office


Amberscript lets businesses transform audio and video to text, and subtitle files quickly.


Artemo provides companies with AI-powered notes and analytics from their meetings.


CodeSandbox allows teams to create and share code, and get feedback in collaborative sandboxes in order to accelerate web development.


EclectiqIQ delivers a platform that combines threat intelligence automation and collaboration with  forensic depth endpoint visibility, and threat detection and response.


Hiber is a one-stop-shop for IoT connectivity for a range of use cases including monitoring oil well integrity, maintaining equipment fleets or tracking livestock.


Sensity helps businesses onboard customers with cutting-edge identity verification and KYC technology that automatically rejects fraudsters.


Surfly lets you create collaborative and compliant digital online journeys without needing to change applications or install software.


Zivver secures e-mail, chats and file transfer to help businesses protect sensitive information.

Travel & Hospitality

Beachside resort startup business


Bidroom uses a zero-commission model to offer the best possible rates on hotel room bookings.


Desty helps online travel agencies increase bookings by offering pre-built apps and websites to simplify operations. The company is located in Naarden (just outside of Amsterdam).


Hotelchamp empowers hoteliers to own the full guest experience with hotel search and eCommerce technology.


Kambr helps commercial airlines around the world in their pursuit to commercial processes and lift revenue.


Polarsteps lets users plan, track and relive trips in a smart and beautiful way.


TRVL is a global travel agent community and a revolutionary booking platform that compares prices and commission rates of over 20 million hotel rooms from Expedia, Booking and Bedsonline.

Retail & Distribution

Fashion start-up view inside the shop


AliveShoes lets you design and sell your own footwear, completely online in just a few minutes.


Bringly is a logtech company that provides a sustainable and Same-Day delivery service for omnichannel retailers and e-commerce.


Buybay resells returns and overstock for retailers, brands, and manufacturers, maximising their profits and combatting the waste in e-commerce.


Cargoplot matches companies with the best freight forwarders, to help them find competitive pricing and services to transport their goods.


Lalaland uses AI to create synthetic, photo-realistic human fashion models for eCommerce brands.  


Otrium is an online fashion outlet marketplace that allows fashion brands to open an online outlet with minimal effort and all the advantages. 


Tradesnest is a B2B platform that helps distributors and retailers find new and innovative products.

HR & Office Managment

Office space for start-ups


Clairify creates smart software and sensors to improve the indoor air quality in office buildings.


Deskbookers allows businesses to find flexible office and meeting spaces.


LoneRooftop helps companies save millions per annum by making the most efficient use of their real estate.


OfficeApp is a tenant and employee platform that revolutionises the way office environments are experienced, utilised, improved and built.


Recruitee is a talent acquisition platform that lets companies own their digital hiring process.


Roamler is a flexible workforce platform for performing location-based tasks across large geographic areas.


Starred allows companies to collect feedback from candidates at scale and make data-driven improvements to the hiring process.


Shleep is a sleep coaching platform that allows companies to unlock the full potential in their employees by improving the quality of their nighttime rest.


Techrise helps companies access the best tech talents.


Wonderkind develops talent attraction technology to help talent-centric businesses hire more quality candidates, faster.

Finance & Banking

Revolutionary payments thanks to startup


AdviceRobo offers psychographic and behavioural credit scoring and credit decision engines


Biller is an AI-powered buy now, pay later invoicing solution that solves the problems of B2B purchasing.


BUX is a neo broker and has been making it easy and affordable for Europeans to do more with their money.


TerraPay is a global mobile-first payments service that allows anyone, anywhere, to send money to a mobile number instantly.


The Currency Exchange Fund makes debt financing practical for the borrower by swapping hard currency funding into a local currency loan.


Person signing legal paperwork


Bluetick is an online search engine for lawyers. Its algorithm uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), making it possible to find similar court cases based on the context of a document. 


Firm24 helps start-ups comply with all administrative- and legal requirements at a fixed price.


With LegalThings, real estate companies can automate and digitize the entire contract lifecycle.

Reynen Court

Reynen Court enables law firms and corporate legal departments to speed their adoption of AI, Smart Contracts, and other new technologies. 

his list was last updated on 15th of August, 2021.

Note: If you’re a start-up founder in Amsterdam, and wish to be featured on this list, send me a message via the contact form below.

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